Wednesday, December 30, 2009

refocusing...or attempting to

As I continually have issues trying to find a focus for my blog, I've run into yet another problem. I realize that everything I have to say will, by the time I write something, already have been said. Thanks, Twitter, for ruining my buzz.

I could talk about the American Airlines Jamaica runway incident, or the attack on NWA253, or all the silliness the TSA has been involved in. Unfortunately, those are all horses that have been beaten to death.

I fear that until I'm back at work, I won't have anything interesting to write about. Hopefully when I'm recalled I can continue with what I originally planned to do here, and talk about day to day life of an airline pilot. I still plan to, but recall could still be months or even a year away.

I'm finding that my true passion in aviation is safety. So I'd like to start focusing on that subject here. Unfortunately, there are already a few other blogs on the subject, and I'm having a hard time finding original information to cover.

So there. A few more excuses as to why the blog hasn't taken off yet. I remain, truly, your resident Airbus A320 semi-expert and aviation nut,



elliott said...

Focused on not, I will gladly keep reading the posts of the resident Airbus A320 semi-expert and aviation nut. Happy New Year!

sylvia said...

I think that each person brings a different angle, so if you write about these topics with thoughtfulness, it will not feel old and stale.

I plan to write about Swissair Flight 111 next month - and lord knows there are plenty of articles and documentaries and blog posts about it. But my mother didn't know about it and I want to explain some other issues to her and I couldn't find a good piece that would bring her up to speed quickly. So I'm writing it :)