Monday, December 10, 2007


Two HUGE things off my shoulders today...

1: I gave my boss sneaking around pretending I didn't just get a job!!

2: I'm FINALLY a full commercially rated pilot! No more of this "commercial multi-engine land, instrument airplane, private privileges single engine land" business. I can now officially say I am a "commercial single- and multi-engine, instrument airplane." Phew!!

The checkride went really well. I showed him the best steep spiral I've ever done and a decent 8s on pylons (during which he was getting the ATIS for Flagler and Ormond and calling each field to see how many airplanes were in the pattern). We then proceeded to Ormond for a normal landing, followed by a short-field takeoff, go-around on the first power off 180, damn good landing on the 2nd power off 180, soft-field takeoff (I LOOOOOVE SOFT FIELD) and a near-perfect soft-field landing in DAB. The checkpilot flew a lot, which was nice but also good for him because we got from point A to point B much faster. Basically we didn't get a plane until about 30 minutes after check-in time, and it took 45 minutes from engine start to takeoff (seriously it was like KATL today, the damned ground controller couldn't handle all the traffic).

Anyways! Woohoo!!

Oh geez I almost forgot...about an hour after my checkride David and I flew the club airplane to KMLB! His roommates were doing a CFII XC and we tagged along to go to dinner at Meg O'Malley's pub. Food: amazing. Stomach ache from overeating: not so amazing. But the air was smooth and the skies clear, so what else could you ask for?

And to think I used to say I didn't want a pilot boyfriend ;)

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