Monday, June 2, 2008

Ok, I'm back

I've been slacking off on the blog for far too long.

A quick update on life, month by month:

January - my last month at ERAU. Spent studying for new hire class at Spirit and hanging out with friends. Stressing out with Dave over whether or not we'd be able to stay together through training (we're still together, thank goodness!). Left for Spirit at the end of the month.

February - Spent almost every waking moment either at new hire class or in the hotel studying for new hire class :) Every other moment usually involved beer. Class was actually a lot easier than I thought it would be, I really took to the Airbus well. I wasn't really updating through training because I was busy, depressed about not being at home, not really knowing what to update about, etc etc.

March - went through my new hire sims at Airbus in Miami. Didn't post then because I was really stressed out and angsty. My sims were all from 11pm-3am, the hotel was shitty and my sim partner pissed me off sometimes. But I did pass my type rating ride on March 7th and started IOE late March.

April - more IOE. Didn't post then because I was having a hard time on IOE, mostly with my approaches and landings. Had a hard time getting the sight picture down on final and it took me a while to get used to the weight and speed of what I was flying. But I finally got off IOE in mid April and started flying the line.

May - on the line, based in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Basically hated being based there. I don't speak any Spanish so it was hard to communicate with people. They'd just pretend to not speak English, ugh. And my schedule was such that I lost a day off before and after each trip commuting to PR. I value my days off, they're the only time I get to see Dave or my family, I don't want to waste them flying to PR. So I bid for and received a base change to FLL. Which meant sitting reserve instead of being on the line.

June - currently I'm sitting on reserve. Yesterday I actually got a call for a Port-Au-Prince turn, but didn't get any work today. So I'm sitting around the crashpad (which thank goodness is awesome) and trying to keep myself from eating myself to death :) Which is why knitting is awesome.

So...I'm going to try and keep this updated more. I finally reached my dream of flying big sexy jets and get paid for them, so I should write about it!!

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