Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Finding it hard to write..

I really want to update this more, but find it hard to get motivated since I know I'm probably the only one reading it. I've found twitter is pretty easy for I guess what you could call mini-blogging. I try to post something with twitter when something interesting happens. I always intend to write an update about it at some point, but never do...

...mostly at the moment I'm having a hard time feeling anything but depressed, anxious or angry. My birthday is less than a week and I can't even get excited. All I think is "ok, wow, I finally can rent a cheap rental car, which'll help me save money this month." I have 7 more days of flying left this month, and all I want is to get a new job. Dave's leaving for Cape Air in October and I'm afraid I'll never see him again. I'm stressed out about moving out of the house. I can't even enjoy playing WiiSports right now. Having days off is great but I just feel like I'm in Dave's way, because he has work and things to do but I know he wants to hang out with me. I don't have a routine when I'm home and that bothers me. I feel like I need to get some sort of part time job so I have that to do on my days off, but what do I do? I want it to be something drama free (i.e. no retail, preferably no people at all) and something where I can set my own hours. Oh, and preferably make some extra cash.

basically I'm feeling very lost right now...like I'm drifting around with nothing to anchor myself to.

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