Monday, December 10, 2007


Two HUGE things off my shoulders today...

1: I gave my boss sneaking around pretending I didn't just get a job!!

2: I'm FINALLY a full commercially rated pilot! No more of this "commercial multi-engine land, instrument airplane, private privileges single engine land" business. I can now officially say I am a "commercial single- and multi-engine, instrument airplane." Phew!!

The checkride went really well. I showed him the best steep spiral I've ever done and a decent 8s on pylons (during which he was getting the ATIS for Flagler and Ormond and calling each field to see how many airplanes were in the pattern). We then proceeded to Ormond for a normal landing, followed by a short-field takeoff, go-around on the first power off 180, damn good landing on the 2nd power off 180, soft-field takeoff (I LOOOOOVE SOFT FIELD) and a near-perfect soft-field landing in DAB. The checkpilot flew a lot, which was nice but also good for him because we got from point A to point B much faster. Basically we didn't get a plane until about 30 minutes after check-in time, and it took 45 minutes from engine start to takeoff (seriously it was like KATL today, the damned ground controller couldn't handle all the traffic).

Anyways! Woohoo!!

Oh geez I almost forgot...about an hour after my checkride David and I flew the club airplane to KMLB! His roommates were doing a CFII XC and we tagged along to go to dinner at Meg O'Malley's pub. Food: amazing. Stomach ache from overeating: not so amazing. But the air was smooth and the skies clear, so what else could you ask for?

And to think I used to say I didn't want a pilot boyfriend ;)

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Checkride, part deux.

I have my re-check tomorrow at 2...ack!!
But it's with the same checkpilot, who's really not going to want to fail as long as I don't totally fuck up again, I'll be good.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

It's been too long...

I really should update more often. Now that Ravelry is up people may actually read this, hehe. So...updates!

STILL waiting on my single add-on checkride. I'll try to make this long story brief. I failed my checkride on the 26th. Oral went fine, but I totally screwed up my steep spirals and just couldn't concentrate enough after that to do decently. 25 knot winds from the south at 3000 feet, holy cow! And we had a solid 15 or 16kt crosswind on landing at Flagler. If I have landed in crosswinds like that, it's been a couple years. And on a checkride, geez!!

You'd think, what, a few more flights and back on for the flight, right? Well our team manager assigns a new student to his instructors as soon as they sign off a student, since there's a huge waiting list. So Henry had to figure out how to schedule us wasn't really working out. On top of that Henry started getting on me for really really really minor things in my flying. If it was before my first checkride it would've helped, but I already had very little self-confidence after the failed flight, so this basically destroyed what I had left.

After 2 flights where I came home and had breakdowns, the boyfriend said that if I didn't ask for an instructor change he'd drag me to see our team manager himself. He had the same problem with his CFII and didn't want me to waste more time or money. And as much as I like Henry, I had to do it. On top of everything, I had only flown 4 times in the month since my checkride.

So last night I flew with my new instructor (who I flew with once before when Henry was busy) and things are much much better. This guy is a top-notch instructor. Lots of tailwheel and aerobatic time, and he's just amazing at teaching me the really fine control of the airplane that I need. We did 9 soft-field touch and goes and 3 power off 180s and my confidence is really coming back. The soft fields are getting sooooo pretty now that I'm being really aggressive with the rudder and not freaking out that we're using up 1/2 of a 3200ft runway just trying to bleed off airspeed. My power offs are really good, too!! I'm within PTS every time.

Gotta go out and practice, though....

Boyfriend update: he's fantastic. I don't want to get too mushy, but *twirls* he's awesome. We've had a lot of fun in the last couple months! Which makes the next topic especially hard.

I got a job. In Fort Lauderdale.

Spirit Airlines hired me and 7 other ERAU grads to be A320 first officers, starting January 28th. I'll have to write a whole post about it, because I'm freaking out over the whole thing. Neither of us are looking forward to our relationship taking on that airline feeling yet...but I really have to take this opportunity while it's available. I love him, honestly. At least I'm keeping my house in the creek, and he really wants to get on with XOjet, which is based in FLL, too. *crosses fingers*

Ok, I'll write more, but lunchtime is here.
Next time on my blog...
1. Spirit!
2. Knitting update. Or, revenge of the yarn fairy.

Monday, October 22, 2007


Oh! This weekend!

Sadly no pictures, but my camera was dead and the wx was sucky anyways. Dave and I were planning on taking the club plane over to Tampa for the weekend. Friday there was significant tstorms lined up EXACTLY with the route of flight. How does that happen? Anyways, so we took advantage of living in Spruce Creek to fly home. I cannot even begin to tell you how much fun it is to land, taxi to your house, and park the airplane there. Afterwards we went to Downwinds with Mike, Chex, Liam, Dan, Natsu and Brian (former CAL intern coordinator and ASA ATR pilot par excellence). Mmm mahi mahi sandwich.

Dave and I woke up at oh-dark-30 Saturday morning, realized that even at 0700 it's not light out yet, and went back to sleep. At 0800, we got up again and checked the wx. The cold front from the day before is still on top of us, so we decide to wait it out a bit. But since the whole trip was predicated on the airshow at Whitted, we figure maybe it's not going to happen...and an hour and a half later, the wx still sucks.

So plan b! Roll out of bed and go to breakfast at Downwinds...decide that the wx isn't too bad to do some local. So after calling up the guys down at KTIX for a "weather briefing," haha, Dave, Mike and myself hop in the 172 (conveniently parked at the house!) and take the 20 minute hop to KTIX.

At the 123....sheet metal work!!!! Cal says I definitely have "the touch" when it comes to riveting but I can't tell if he's just trying to sweet-talk me. Dave thinks it's ridiculously sexy that I like to rivet, so he lets me do it as much as I want. <3

Saturday afternoon...naptime, hanging out, overall fun and relaxing! Kristin came over to crash around 11 and we woke up at 0600 (oddly enough my body just assumed it was going to work and was ok with this). After seeing her off I went over to Dave's to go back to sleep (he woke up a few hours later trying to figure out how I got there ^.^). Then FLORIDA MALL, *drool*. JASON'S DELI *DROOOOOOOL*

And it rained. A LOT.

Ok so that was my weekend. :))

Oooooh we're halfway there....

I passed my single-engine add on oral today!! 1/2way to being a commercial pilot with asel and amel and instrument (no more dorky 'private pilot priveledges single engine').

The oral was...interesting. It was only about 45 minutes and I think the check pilot figured out about 10 minutes in that I knew what I was talking about because almost every question was so far out there that I wasn't even expected to know it. However we must've spent 20 minutes on maneuvering speed and how stall speed changes with bank angle and whoa. Then I don't think we even went over 5 systems. But come on, it's a 172. After fuel, avionics and electrical, what is there to go over?

All in all, everything was very abstract and "let's test your correlation level of learning," whereas my previous commercial oral was much more "tell me about the electrical system of the seminole." It was a workout of an oral, let me tell you!!

Waiting for the flight to get an hour I'm off the hook for it being tomorrow, which is nice because the Wx is no good for practice today. Hard to do chandelles when the ceilings are 2500 bkn.

In knitting + flying news, I got invited to Fly n' Stitch on ravelry!! It is so cool to see a group full of pilots and dispatchers who knit ;) Hopefully a few of us can go to Women in Aviation next March and have a little knitting meeting!!

David took this a few weeks ago when we were flying, it's my new favorite picture:

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

An introduction...

I realized while writing my "first post" that since this in a new blog for me, I should spend the time to write a decent introduction.

Well, this is me:
I guess you could say that my most domination trait is: I fly airplanes. I'm 23 years old and I've been flying airplanes since I was 18. I've always been obsessed with space (my first word was "moon" and my first Cabbage Patch kid was an astronaut) and flying is my greatest passion. Pilots are a different breed. You know those bumper stickers that say "my wife told me I had to pick her or fishing...I'll miss my wife?" Well, that's actually true for pilots. Flying is something so ingrained in your soul that it really is an inseparable part of you. I have my commercial multi-engine rating, instrument rating, plus my high performance, complex and high-altitude endorsements. My mom says this means I can fly big airplanes really high into bad weather.

I (for the next 14 1/2 hours) am a student at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Daytona Beach, FL. Tomorrow is my last day of school! On Monday I start my first "big girl" job, as flight security officer at ERAU. I didn't want to leave Daytona yet, so I managed to get this job. I'll be in charge of the security for our flightline. Basically I'll be making sure people who aren't supposed to have access to our planes don't, and issuing/re-issuing security badges to our students and flight instructors. There are a lot of benefits, the largest being free tuition and discounts on flight training. So as soon as possible I'm starting my single-engine add-on for my commercial rating and then start my flight instructor rating.

Speaking of flight instructing, I have a really cute guy right now who's a flight instructor at school. We met two years ago because we were both in Women in Aviation. David's joke was "I like women, I like aviation, so I'm here!" We joke that it finally worked out for him :) He's a cutie, a huge airplane dork like me. Plus he's totally crazy about me, so that's wonderful. I unfortunately just got out of a really long relationship so I've got a really big emotional barrier up against him. I just don't trust myself anymore. On the upside, there are a lot of things that ultimately caused the demise of my last relationship that aren't problems with David. So we'll see what happens there. I'm just enjoying myself day to day.

Let's see, what else. Well, I'm a 2nd generation Florida native, which I hear is pretty weird. And no, I'm still not used to the heat. My joke about Floridians is that we just go in the pool from noon until around 3pm, then there's a thunderstorm, and by 6 that's done and it's not too hot to be outside anymore. My best friend is Spencer, who's my Jimminy Cricket/co-pilot/overall rock. People call us the odd couple, but we get along mostly because we think the same way.

I'm not really an overachiever in the strict sense, because I can be a total slacker if I'm not feeling into it. However, I do call myself a smarty-pants, just because I've always been in gifted classes, went to an International Baccalaureate high school, and if I get an A in this last class I'll be graduating with a 4.0. I work my ass off for what I want. :)

Really the purpose of this journal is to have something that no one I know reads. I had a livejournal for about 6 years, but this is a whole new chapter for me, so I feel like I need to start something over. Plus, having something that my ex, plus all my old friends from high school, won't see is a plus. My purpose is to do something more than ramble about my day.