Sunday, November 29, 2009

Crossing fingers...

I realized today that I never feel like I have anything useful to write for this blog, but yet I LIVE aviation. So maybe I should be trying to find something at least a couple times a week to write about.

Currently I'm still awaiting recall; a combination of rumor mill and facts from management point to a possible recall in January to be back on the line in March. According to our DO we should be getting 2 A320s in March, then 1 in April and 1 in May. At the current rate of about 7 crews/airplane, this should require at least 42 recalls (assuming that NKS is keeping 1 A320 as the spare airframe that we so desperately need, as evidenced by our need to contract flying out while we had an extended maintenance issue a few months ago).

By guestimate I'm around 24 back in the list. Hopefully I'll get picked up by the first recall.

It's very frustrating to be sitting here with just under 600 hours and a type rating. A type rating with under 500 in type is useless enough, but add to that the fact that I'm practically uninsurable because I don't have an ATP (airline transport pilot, this requires 1500 hours of flight time plus some other requirements). This is why I have yet to find any sort of flying job. I can impress people enough with my flying skills, and I have a great cockpit personality, but they just can't afford to hire someone with under 1500 hours. And it's not their fault, so I can't be mad at them.

It comes down to my eagerness to get my first flying job without regard for the volatility of the industry and the idea of "paying my dues." I really should have stayed at ERAU and become a flight instructor. I may have been still there, no type rating and no jet time, but I know I would have had twice the flight time I do now and would have been in a better position when the economy recovers. But! There's no use looking back. I'm in a pickle and need to make the best of what I have gotten myself in to.

1. Get recalled. Knock the socks off as many captains I can.
2. Work hard, get some overtime in (as long as everyone's been recalled behind me) and get to ATP as soon as possible. This may be difficult if I get stuck on reserve.
3. Start looking for something more solid. JetBlue and Continental are my top two choices. I interned at CAL so that helps me when it's time to apply. Hopefully in 2 years I will know several people at JetBlue.

Most importantly - keep my head above water and my nose clean. Work Hard. Fly Right. (Thanks, Gordon.)