Monday, October 22, 2007


Oh! This weekend!

Sadly no pictures, but my camera was dead and the wx was sucky anyways. Dave and I were planning on taking the club plane over to Tampa for the weekend. Friday there was significant tstorms lined up EXACTLY with the route of flight. How does that happen? Anyways, so we took advantage of living in Spruce Creek to fly home. I cannot even begin to tell you how much fun it is to land, taxi to your house, and park the airplane there. Afterwards we went to Downwinds with Mike, Chex, Liam, Dan, Natsu and Brian (former CAL intern coordinator and ASA ATR pilot par excellence). Mmm mahi mahi sandwich.

Dave and I woke up at oh-dark-30 Saturday morning, realized that even at 0700 it's not light out yet, and went back to sleep. At 0800, we got up again and checked the wx. The cold front from the day before is still on top of us, so we decide to wait it out a bit. But since the whole trip was predicated on the airshow at Whitted, we figure maybe it's not going to happen...and an hour and a half later, the wx still sucks.

So plan b! Roll out of bed and go to breakfast at Downwinds...decide that the wx isn't too bad to do some local. So after calling up the guys down at KTIX for a "weather briefing," haha, Dave, Mike and myself hop in the 172 (conveniently parked at the house!) and take the 20 minute hop to KTIX.

At the 123....sheet metal work!!!! Cal says I definitely have "the touch" when it comes to riveting but I can't tell if he's just trying to sweet-talk me. Dave thinks it's ridiculously sexy that I like to rivet, so he lets me do it as much as I want. <3

Saturday afternoon...naptime, hanging out, overall fun and relaxing! Kristin came over to crash around 11 and we woke up at 0600 (oddly enough my body just assumed it was going to work and was ok with this). After seeing her off I went over to Dave's to go back to sleep (he woke up a few hours later trying to figure out how I got there ^.^). Then FLORIDA MALL, *drool*. JASON'S DELI *DROOOOOOOL*

And it rained. A LOT.

Ok so that was my weekend. :))

Oooooh we're halfway there....

I passed my single-engine add on oral today!! 1/2way to being a commercial pilot with asel and amel and instrument (no more dorky 'private pilot priveledges single engine').

The oral was...interesting. It was only about 45 minutes and I think the check pilot figured out about 10 minutes in that I knew what I was talking about because almost every question was so far out there that I wasn't even expected to know it. However we must've spent 20 minutes on maneuvering speed and how stall speed changes with bank angle and whoa. Then I don't think we even went over 5 systems. But come on, it's a 172. After fuel, avionics and electrical, what is there to go over?

All in all, everything was very abstract and "let's test your correlation level of learning," whereas my previous commercial oral was much more "tell me about the electrical system of the seminole." It was a workout of an oral, let me tell you!!

Waiting for the flight to get an hour I'm off the hook for it being tomorrow, which is nice because the Wx is no good for practice today. Hard to do chandelles when the ceilings are 2500 bkn.

In knitting + flying news, I got invited to Fly n' Stitch on ravelry!! It is so cool to see a group full of pilots and dispatchers who knit ;) Hopefully a few of us can go to Women in Aviation next March and have a little knitting meeting!!

David took this a few weeks ago when we were flying, it's my new favorite picture: