Friday, March 26, 2010

Good news!

So I think that light out there may actually be the light at the end of the tunnel! Earlier this week, after dropping David off at the airport for a training flight (he's doing his Captain upgrade!) I checked my phone and saw 3 emails under the subject "I got just a RECALL phone call!" Needless to say I nearly crashed the car. The 3 emails were from fellow classmates at my airline that had just gotten THE phone call.

Commence the LONGEST hour of my life. And then, FINALLY, the phone rang and the caller ID was Spirit Airlines. Thank you G-d!!!

So, while it's not official-official, I should be back at work May 3rd!

I say it's "not official-official" because I still haven't gotten it in writing. Plus, in typical airline fashion, I never trust anything until it actually happens.

I'm pretty bummed that one of my best friends in the class didn't make the cut. Recall is in order of seniority, and it seems that I was the last one to get a call. Rumor has it that 4 people are still on the fence, so if two of those people bypass my friend will be in, as well.

Bypassing: telling an airline "thanks but not yet." A lot of people do this if they don't want to resign but they'd rather wait until they have a bit more seniority before they go back to flying. For example, if I'm the last person on the list I'm definitely going to be on reserve. Some people would rather wait until they can hold a line.

There are a lot of things I have to work out, but in general I'm very excited! It will be really nice to be flying again. David and I can afford an apartment closer to Baltimore to make his commute easier (although we don't know where he's based just yet). And I don't have to feel guilty about moving to Maryland as I'll be able to jumpseat home to visit my parents now!

And last but not least - I can actually do something with this blog again! I'm going to be writing much more, taking you through my preps for training, training and then the line. I'm hoping this blog will be a (hopefully not boring) insight into the average airline pilot's life.

Be back soon!!