Sunday, August 17, 2008

3 days down, I to go...

Back at the hotel after a long day of flying...numerous personal crises led to me not going to sleep until 11pm. Up at 4am, flew from 0600 to 1500, blah. I'm exhausted!!!

The trips were weather I've seen at MCO in a long time, but shittastic turbulence between SAV and ILM. Moderate chop from 240 up to around basically no escaping.

And to top it all off my flight home doesn't operate tomorrow, so I have to get on the last flight to FLL, then catch the last flight from FLL to MCO. I'll get home sometime around midnight. I really really hope I get a nap at some point tomorrow.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Just another day in NJ

Flew a FLL turn this morning with a nice captain. Actually, it was a good all-around crew. Some of the nicest F/As, too. It was pretty uneventful, which is how you typically want flights to go :) Good omen of the day: a cricket chilling out on our nose during the walk-around!! Got back around noon and have done....jack since then. Kind of depressing, not going to lie. I was going to go somewhere but I wasn't really feeling up to it. But on the plus side I did get a lot done on David's scarf, I'm finally on the last ball! My goal is to get it done before the end of the month. Then work on something for my sister's birthday.In the meantime I'm trying to watch a couple episodes of The Venture Bros. but the hotel internet goes from being perfectly normal to obscenely slow. The next 3 days entail the oh-so-exciting least I'm back with Captain of the month, so I can relax a little and get back in a groove. I'm going to try and go to sleep now, but it's hard when it's still light outside.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

It's not a huge conspiracy, just a little one.

It's interesting how much I've learned about the airline industry in these 6 months, even more interesting how much more there is to learn.

Here's how the chain of events is working right now:
Spirit decides to furlough 45 pilots starting 8/1, and another 80 starting 9/1 (including yours truly).
The initial furlough results in a huge amount of open time being available.
95% of the pilot base refuse to pick up said open time (5% remain whores!), since logic maintains that if you don't have enough pilots to cover all your time, maybe you should hire more!

I love how this works...hopefully it'll lead to us getting recalled sooner.

I heard a rumor that they're offering 400% pay to people who pick up open time; while I'd be tempted, I'd still be taking work away from furloughed pilots. Don't be a whore!

I'm in ACY now for a 4 day starting tomorrow morning. I traded my 30th for tomorrow so that another FO could go on a church trip. He's obnoxiously into religion but at least hasn't tried to "save" me yet, so I'll give him credit for that.

So I work tomorrow through the 18th (which happens to be my 25 birthday, yay me!), then the 23rd/24th and the 31st (which I'm going to try and get rid of). Thank goodness I have a lot of days off.

Which, speaking of, I need to do something nice for Dave. He's been putting up with so much lately, and he's been under a huge amount of stress, too, that I feel like I should do something for him. I mean, I bought him a card to send him tomorrow, but that's not really enough...must think of cute stuff to do for him. I'd get him a model kit he wants but the kid HAS everything he wants (well, that I can afford). Anyone have any ideas?

Too bad I can't find some super-rare Martin stuff in an antique shop - he'd love that.

I also need to find some time to go to Houston, while trying to find time to go to Tampa and pack up all my stuff in my room there to make room for all my stuff I'm moving from the Creek. Ah crazy time!!!

Yay I turn 25 on Monday!! Maybe I should contact ATC with "Good morning Washington Center, Spiritwings 347, level 360, and it's my birthday today!"

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Finding it hard to write..

I really want to update this more, but find it hard to get motivated since I know I'm probably the only one reading it. I've found twitter is pretty easy for I guess what you could call mini-blogging. I try to post something with twitter when something interesting happens. I always intend to write an update about it at some point, but never do...

...mostly at the moment I'm having a hard time feeling anything but depressed, anxious or angry. My birthday is less than a week and I can't even get excited. All I think is "ok, wow, I finally can rent a cheap rental car, which'll help me save money this month." I have 7 more days of flying left this month, and all I want is to get a new job. Dave's leaving for Cape Air in October and I'm afraid I'll never see him again. I'm stressed out about moving out of the house. I can't even enjoy playing WiiSports right now. Having days off is great but I just feel like I'm in Dave's way, because he has work and things to do but I know he wants to hang out with me. I don't have a routine when I'm home and that bothers me. I feel like I need to get some sort of part time job so I have that to do on my days off, but what do I do? I want it to be something drama free (i.e. no retail, preferably no people at all) and something where I can set my own hours. Oh, and preferably make some extra cash.

basically I'm feeling very lost right I'm drifting around with nothing to anchor myself to.