Monday, September 1, 2008

Sitting, unfortunately not on the dock of the bay...

Day 1 of 3 of the uncompensated reserve sit.
Flew a MYR turn and a MCO turn today with another one of ACY's super-nice Captains...I need to figure out how to get to Boston easily from here. If I can, after recall I want to be based up here.

Tomorrow I've been assigned a RSW time isn't until 1150, which is nice. No open time left for the 3rd, so I probably won't work unless someone calls in sick. So hopefully that means I can sleep in, go over to Smithville and pick up that stuffed white buffalo, go on down to Ocean City and go to one of our ground crew guy's shop that he owns with his wife and then head on over to the airport to catch a flight home.

I have to be out of my house on Sunday, which means Thursday is packing/throwing stuff out day, Friday/Saturday are moving days (hoping to get everything done Friday) and cleaning days to get the house ready.

Then I think I'm going to hang out in Daytona for a few days to help David pack up for his move, then go home to get my life in order. Hopefully get David to come back with me for a couple days. I want to spend every second I can with him before he leaves for "the north."

Other than that I need to get started on my CFI as soon as practicable and sit around and wait for a phone call from Spirit. Or news that they've closed shop, whichever comes first.